Operational Services 

  • A tailored overview and bespoke report for your business - Business Model, Operating Procedures, Strategy and Planning.                                                ​
  • ​An external view of the internal fluidity, offering problem solving solutions for the disfunctional areas in the business.
Strategy and Planning
  • A plan of action for contingencies that may arise.


  • Strategy & planning to build competitive advantage


  • Exploit a valuable resource and defend yourself


  • The resources are created by virtuous cycles


  • B P C evaluate company cycles in key areas


  • Create and capture value for your company.


  • B P C Look at the essence of competitiveness

  • Developing a strategy & tactics to suit your company.

Business Model
  • Develop business models suit your company cycles.

  • Changing strategic choices can be expensive


  • Enterprises still have a range of options to compete


  • Many are comparatively easy & inexpensive to deploy.


  • These are tactics, choices open to a company


  • Business models determine the tactics available


  • Good models allow you to compete in the marketplace.


  • The benefits of producing a meaningful business model 

Operating Procedures
  • B P C look at your Standard operating procedures


  • (SOPs) a documented process for the compamy


  • Ensure services and products are delivered OTIF 

  • The decision making can limit capacity to grow further


  • B P C offer hands on process map planning or advice


  • Additional management? and documented SOPs! 


  • The needs to allow the company to continue growing


  • Establish a plan to train the growing employee base